above is the German-language interview published December 21st 2017 in Swiss newspaper WOZ

My New Year’s message is simple:

End War-Set A Deadline
End Fossil Fuel use-Set A Deadline

Practical steps to end war:

1. abolish NATO-all foreign (US) troops and weapons out of Europe
2. all European countries join Switzerland and declare neutrality
3. all professional armies replaced with citizen’s militias (as in Switzerland)

Practical steps to end fossil fuel use:

1. every structure, be it house, school, hospital, office or factory, must have solar paneling and provide its own energy.
2. ban any form of transport that burns oil, coal, or gas
3. replace airplane travel with water-transport, rail and baloons/lav

All these steps are immediately possible. All politicians should be held accountable. When will these or other similar suggestions be implemented? 10 years? 20 years? Set a deadline!