At the Clearwater Festival

Mat Callahan & Yvonne Moore and Band

The Land of Miracles

Videoclip of the song “The Land of Miracles” with the participation of Schönauers Broadway Variété. Duration: 6 min.

Download film (61.4 MB)

The Ballad of Laughing Sal

A film made by Judy Garland Piersol inspired by the song “Ballad of Laughing Sal”. Duration: 6 min.

Download film (33.6 MB)

Funk on the Frontline

A film of the Looters’ 1983 visit to Nicaragua made by A-Ray productions for French Television. Duration: 21 min.


A film made by Mary Liz Thomson in conjunction with the Looters’ album “Flashpoint”. Duration: 48 min.

Download film (454 MB)


A film about the artists’ collective Komotion International, by Jeff den Broeder. Duration: 17.30 min.

Download film (375 MB)