Normally, I post these notices no later than the 15th of each month. This month I was delayed by an unusually hectic schedule, the result of project deadlines overlapping and conflicting. First, in June I resumed work on The Explosion of Deferred Dreams, my book on San Francisco in the Sixties. This is not so much writing as editing and correcting but it nonetheless requires my full attention. PM Press and I hoped to get this ready for Spring 2016 but it looks like it will be held up until Fall next year.

At the same time, another book project is underway. This is entitled Radical Perspectives on Intellectual Property and it will be comprised of a dozen or so essays contributed by a wide range of scholars who are expert in particular fields from law to agriculture to music. Next month I will be able to provide more details but suffice it to say we’ve already assembled an outstanding group of contributors covering most of the topics required to complete the book. My co-editor, Jim Rogers of Dublin City University, and I hope to get this into shape no later than July 2016. Our publisher is Zed Books.

Meanwhile, preparation for the James Connolly Easter Rising tour is revving up. We begin on the West Coast in January. I hope to be able to announce firm dates next month. Later, we’ll be playing in Ireland, Scotland and on the East Coast-details also forthcoming.

Finally, we continue to do fundraising and preparation for the Songs of Slavery and Emancipation project. At present, the framework of the project is in order and I’ve gained the support of several key people and institutions necessary to completion of the work. The most pressing problem now is funding and to a certain extent this will determine the schedule. For more details on this project see February News on this site. Again, I hope to have more definite information to report in August.

Overall, things are progressing and I will provide a more thorough report soon. Stay tuned.