Dear Friends: As everyone reading this site is already aware, my new book is now available. In December I launched the book in the San Francisco Bay Area both because that is where the events discussed in the book originally took place and because the commemoration of those events was already underway at the end of last year. In spite of the growing turmoil in America-or perhaps because of it-we are sure to hear a swelling chorus, orchestrated by corporate media, marking 1967, the Haight-Ashbury and the “Summer of Love” as high points in an era of youthful innocence and naive faith in music, peace and love. Meanwhile, we will be encouraged to forget that millions of young  people were fighting in the streets-including Haight Street-to end the war in Vietnam and to support the struggles for liberation that had broken out in the wake of the Civil Rights movement. We will be encouraged to forget the Black Panther Party, the Indian Occupation of Alcatraz and Women’s Liberation, not to mention myriad other movements, struggles and heroic sacrifices that are, in fact, what made the era significant.

Knowing this is in front of us for the remainder of 2017, PM Press and numerous supporters have organized events so that I can talk about the reasons I wrote the book, my discoveries in researching it as well as my own experiences as a participant in the events in question. The first such event will take place in Bern, Switzerland, on Sunday, March 26th.

Sonntag, 26. März 2017, 14h bis 17 h
Buchpräsentation von und mit Mat Callahan:
The Explosion of Deferred Dreams
Musical Renaissance and Social Revolution in San Francisco
Ort: Wörkshophus Bern
Zeit: 14 h bis 17 h
All in English – Präsentation und Gespräch in Englisch
Flyer als PDF

Zum Schluss noch was höchst amüsantes – wahrscheinlich habt Ihr’s schon gesehen?
Switzerland Second, die Antwort auf America First.

Next Yvonne and I will be traveling to the East Coast of the United States to do both book talks and perform music. There will be more detailed information on this site later but, for now, the list below will give basic dates and event-locations.

Mat and Yvonne East Coast Tour 2017

April 10-Temple University, Philadelphia, PA (book talk)
April 11-Temple University, Philadelphia, PA (book talk)

April 13-Buffalo Street Books, Ithaca, NY (book talk)
Dewitt Mall
215 N Cayuga St
Ithaca, NY 14850 1-607-273-8246
April 14-Burning Books, Buffalo (book talk)
April 15-Burning Books, Buffalo, NY (M&Y perform Hard Hitting Songs)
420 Connecticut St
Buffalo, NY 
April 16-Easter-off

April 17-7pm $10 Buffalo Irish Center, Buffalo, NY (M&Y perform Songs of Freedom)
245 Abbott Rd. Buffalo NY

April 18-7pm Flying Squirrel Community Space, 285 Clarissa St, Rochester, NY (M&Y perform Hard Hitting Songs)
contact: Jake Allen <>

April 19-7pm Irish American Historical Museum, Albany, NY (M&Y perform Songs of Freedom)
370 Broadway St. Albany, NY

April 20-Berklee College of Music, Boston, MA (book talk)

April 21-Boston Socialist Unity Project Conference, Boston, MA (talk and performance)
April 22-Boston Socialist Unity Project Conference, Boston, MA (workshop-art and politics)
MIT Rm. 34-101
50 Vassar Str. Cambridge, MA

April 23-11am Community Church of Boston, Boston, MA (M&Y perform Hard Hitting Songs)
565 Boylston St. Boston MA

April 24-Bennington College VT-book talk/lecture 7pm
April 25-Bennington College VT-performance (M&Y perform Hard Hitting Songs)
One College Drive Bennington, VT.

April 26-Hartford, CT. (private gathering)

April 27-7pm Brooklyn Commons, Brooklyn, NY (book talk)
388 Atlantic Ave.  Brooklyn

April 28-Brooklyn Folk Festival
April 29-Brooklyn Folk Festival-workshop 3pm – M&Y perform Hard Hitting Songs 4:30 pm
April 30-Brooklyn Folk Festival-

St. Ann’s Church 157 Montague St. 11201 Brooklyn, NY, US

May 1-International Workers Day!
May 2-M&Y depart for Zurich

For more information write to:


May 11-Mat&Yvonne will perform at the James Connolly Festival in Dublin, Ireland

West Coast USA

I will travel to the West Coast for another book tour in May and June. Return to this site for more information.