Yvonne and I will be traveling to the East Coast, April 17th. Next we travel to Dublin May 4th–10th. We were invited to present a workshop on the James Connolly Songs of Freedom project at the Brooklyn Folk Festival, April 18th. In order to cover the costs of transportation, we immediately began organizing other appearances in New York and Boston. No sooner had this tour been organized than we received and invitation to open the James Connolly Festival in Dublin May 4th–10th. The continued interest in the songs and ideas of James Connolly is inspiring to us, of course, but more than that, it is one sign of the growing resistance to not only the destructive effects of capitalist crisis, but to capitalism as a whole. In each of the cities we’ll be playing, demonstrations, occupations and other forms of militant protest are increasing in frequency and size, presenting the definite outlines of a new Movement. More than a momentary outburst-here today and gone tomorrow-the struggles unfolding now give every indication of being sustained over the long-term, focusing more and more clearly on capitalism as the source of suffering and injustice while bringing together disparate forces in a unified challenge to the System’s rule.
Please find below all the details of public events you may wish to attend. Links to the sponsoring organizations are provided. Check them out for the details.

April 17th–19th Brooklyn Folk Festival
St. Ann’s Church
157 Montague Street, Brooklyn
(our workshop is Saturday, April 18th at 2:30 PM)

April 19th Deep Dish TV Salon
performance and discussion 6–9PM
(invitation only, please contact me if you are in NYC and want to attend)

April 21st Benefit for Democracy At Work
Boston (contact me directly for more information)

April 23rd Berklee College of Music (class)

April 24th University of Massachusetts (two classes)

April 25th Encuentro Cinco
9A Hamilton Place, Boston, MA
performance at 7PM

April 26th Community Church of Boston
Morning service: 11AM
565 Boylston St.
Boston, MA 02116
617 266-6710

May 4th–10th James Connolly Festival, Dublin, Ireland
performance begins, 19:30 May 4th at:
The New Theatre
43 Essex St. E